Decaf Colombia - Medellin


Tasting Notes: Milk chocolate and berry

Process: Mountain water decaffeination

Bean or Grind-style
  • In Short

    Be prepared to drink a decaf coffee which doesn't make you feel like you missed out on the taste when the caffeine was extracted. The choice of coffee beans and how we roast them is definitely worth a treating yourself to.

  • Farm Owner

    Medellin Regional

  • Growing Altitude

    1000 - 1300 MASL

  • For those into the farm details

    Like all the coffee we source, these coffee beans from the Medellin region of Colombia are 100% arabica. The mountain water decaffeination process is chemical-free and done at source, leaving HICS to roast the beans to bring out the naturally sweet and chocolatey notes.

Consistently Fresh Smooth Flavourful Coffee

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