Pure Peruvian - Decaf

Pure Peruvian - Decaf


Tasting Notes: Big raspberry and cherry upfront, suave layers of custards and toffee lead to a zesty chocolate finish. Buttery body

Bean Variety: Caturra, Bourbon

Process: Sparkling water decaffeination

Bean or Grind-style
  • In Short

    Love drinking coffee, but hate the buzz keeping you awake when you drink it in the afternoon and evening? Be prepared to drink a decaf coffee which doesn't make you feel like you missed out on the taste when the caffeine was extracted. This decaf coffee bean and how we roast it is definitely worth treating yourself to any time of day.

  • Farming Region

    Smallhold producers across San Ignacio and Jaen

  • Growing Altitude

    1900 MASL

  • For those into the farm details

    The sparkling water decaffeination process is a gentle, natural and organically certified process, guaranteeing a high retention of taste and aroma.

    Pure Peruvian Decaf is a blend of day lots from producers across San Ignacio and Jaen. 31 different producers contributed coffee to this lot. Producers in San Ignacio and Jaen province on average have 1 hectare of land planted with coffee, and the main varieties grown are Caturra, Typica and Catimor.

    Since producers own relatively small amounts of land, they generally manage the farm and do the picking and processing themselves, drying the coffee on plastic lined patios at their houses.

Consistently Fresh Smooth Flavourful Coffee

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