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5 simple ways to make better coffee

When it comes to drinking coffee there's little worse than having to suffer through a bitter brew. At HICS we understand people are fed up of drinking bitter, flat tasting coffee at home (and even in some cafes!). So we source, roast and deliver fresh, single farm coffee beans direct to people's doors, leaving them to enjoy consistently fresh, smooth, flavourful coffee.

One of the most important aspects of making better coffee is consistency. It can be surprising how the same beans can taste different every brew.

HICS - "help you find a formula for coffee you love to drink"

This week on we've added a short, helpful guide introducing 5 simple ways to make better coffee. If you follow the 5 tips it will help you find a formula for coffee you love to drink, and help you brew that way more often. You can get it by making a request at the top of any page on HICS website, even this one!

5 simple ways to make better coffee
5 simple ways to make better coffee

To get the guide just...

  1. Fill in your name and email address.

  2. Click "Request Free Guide"

  3. We'll send you an email

  4. In the email click the "Download Free Guide" button

The guide contains a cheat sheet with a bunch of the terms often used on speciality coffee bags and websites. Words like coffee variety, flavour profile and roast style.

Once armed with the 5 ways to make better coffee, all that's left is to jump to our shop, choose your preferred beans, make your order, and we'll deliver it direct to your door.

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