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Suns Rays, Coffee Days

When the sun pops out, if only briefly, we try to take a moment or two to refresh in its rays.

The other day we even managed to take a bag of HICS Island Blend, and its dark roasted alter-ego, Volcano Island Blend for a beach walk.

Some of the photos of the coffee bags made it onto instagram and facebook, modelling playfully in the sand and sea weed.

Coffee travel cups beach sand

Hayling Island, where we hand roast coffee by the sea, has a good selection of beach walks, and we're almost always guaranteed to see kite surfers, windsurfers or paddleboarders ripping it up depending on the wind and sea conditions.

Ferry Boat Inn to the Inn on the Beach or Coastguards To HISC are two of our favourite walks!

On the occasions when the sun is hidden by a rogue cloud we are always glad to have our trusty travel mugs filled with coffee (HICS coffee of course!) to keep us warmed from within.

You can see in the photo our travel mugs of choice right now are Circular and Co made from recycled coffee cups and Sttoke advertised as the world's first shatterproof ceramic cup. Both cups offer strong eco features which at its core is as simple as choosing to use a reuseable cup not a disposable.

Circular and Co, formerly rCup, stands out for material innovation giving thousands of disposable coffee cups a second life as a reuseable cup. The 360 degree sip technology is cool too.

Sttoke cups have sleek, dare we say, sexy lines! The ceramics are superb for long lasting heat retention.



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