Island Blend

Island Blend


Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut and Berries

Blend: Engenho Da Serra Brazil + Piendamo Colombia

Bean or Grind-style
  • In Short

    Island Blend is a carefully selected mix of speciality grade coffee from fully traceable routes, mingling in your cup for an island vibe worth savouring.

  • Farm / Owner

    We're grateful to 2 farmer/owners for the beans that make up HICS Island Blend:

    Sandar Soeli De Andrade, Engenho Da Serra - Brazil

    Piendamo Cooperative - Colombia

  • Altitude

    970 MASL Brazil

    1700 - 2000 MASL Colombia

    (MASL = metre above sea-level)

  • For those into the farm detail

    Engenho Da Serra, Carmo Do Paranaiba, Cerrado Mineiro, Minas Gerais - Brazil

    The farm was first planted in the 1970's by José Humberto de Andrade who was one pf the pioneers of coffee in this region. The farm is now run mainly by Sanda ad her nephew Lucas Santos. The altitude provides hot sunny days and long cool nights that give the coffee its unique profile balancing flavour and body. They are very focused on maintaining the farm ensuring they are renovating and regenerating areas each year.

    Piendamo, Cauca, Colombia

    These producers are part of the COMEPCAFE. A cooperative based in Piendamo, Cauca where it was established on 2010. The Cooperative has 1400 families spread across 7 areas with Cauca with 1600 ha of coffee farms. The farms are traditionally planted with castillo and colombia with a small portion (5%) of typica an caturra. The Coop helps to support their members with technical support, commercialisation of the coffees, food security programs as well as a pension program looking to protect the producers in the future. The areas that these coffees come from are still very much involved in the troubles with them being heavily influenced by the FARC and illicit drug trade making life very difficult for these producers.

Consistently Fresh Smooth Flavourful Coffee

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