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Tasting Notes: Medium dark, rich nutty and chocolatey

Blend: Francis Oliveira - Brazil + Inza Asorcafe - Colombia

Espresso Blend

Pre-order now and we'll roast by 1st June 2024
  • Medium dark, rich yet stll smooth.

    HICS Espresso Blend is great in espresso machines, bean-to-cup espresso and with any other brewing method if your taste demands something a bit richer.

    We initially created HICS Espresso Blend for our cafe and restaurant partners by tweaking our other tried and tested speciality grade coffee blends. We're proud to add this to our online options after great feedback.

“Really enjoyed your coffee. Thanks for the sample of the Colombian one as well. I brewed with 3 different methods. The results are different but highlight different aspects of these lovely coffees.” 

Josué (Aeropress, V60, French Press)

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