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So what is HICS?

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

The Thought Behind The Name...

This year, after moving to sunny Hayling Island, Alicia and I (Sam) decided it was time to turn our passion for coffee and people into Hayling Island Coffee Society. We call it HICS for short - a name conceived with our friends Kate and Jon, while eating freshly made sandwiches at Bread Addiction in Portsmouth, Hampshire.

By way of an intro to us, and HICS we thought we'd share some of the thought behind the name.

Hayling Island

It's funny how many people tell us they found themselves on our little Island at some point in their formative years. It put the STAY in staycation before the term was conceived. 

This cute, Hampshire isle works well for us; relaxed coastal living, easy access to Portsmouth and Chichester, plus London's only a touch over an hour away. Starting to sound like an estate agent so I'll stop there.

"Hayling Island and the Portsmouth Area was missing a speciality coffee roaster"

It seemed to us that Hayling Island and the Portsmouth Area was missing a speciality coffee roaster, with a goal to deliver consistently fresh, smooth, flavourful coffee; competing with the best coffee available. What better reason to start?!


"coffee's in our blood, or at least half of it"

You could say coffee's in our blood, or at least half of it. Alicia is from El Salvador in Central America. Home to some of the best Arabica coffee in the world. Alicia was fortunate to study at the top coffee school, learning artisanal methods for coffee brewing and milk preparation. This really is the root of our coffee adventure and the heart which stirs up our love of coffee, and desire to share it with others.


There are a number of uses for the word society, and at least a few of them could be partially true of how we see HICS; one thing common to each use is they are about people. People are at the heart of everything that motivates us. We love to see people enjoying life, sharing the good times together. 

We've always got a kick out of hospitality. You could say it's one of the ways we express love. 

"The effort sewn in is a reflection of the affection expressed"

For us, the effort sewn in is a reflection of the affection expressed - which is why, whether we're making drinks, snacks or 3-course feasts we make every effort to use the best ingredients. 

HICS is our way of bringing together our passion for fresh, smooth, flavourful coffee with the joy we get from serving others - all exploding out of our sunny south coast Hayling Island direct to the doors of coffee drinkers everywhere.

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