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Sharing coffee

Coffee hand roasted by the sea!

“When a friend started sharing your roast with me, even I (coffee mortal that I am) could discern the quality. However, when I recognised your coffee by taste at another friends house, I knew it was something special!”

Joel (V60 Filter)

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As avid coffee lovers, we know what it's like trying to recreate the flavourful coffee you enjoy at your favourite coffee shop in your own home. We've curated a selection of speciality Latin American coffee from fully traceable routes, roasting to unlock the flavours farmers worked so hard to develop.
Hayling Island Coffee Society (HICS) was started by Alicia Hewitt. Alicia grew up in El Salvador, and now proudly shares her passion for great food and drink from her adopted home on England's South Coast. Alicia honed her roasting skills through training, experience and life both here in England and in El Salvador, origin of some of the world's very best coffee.
Alicia's HICS is stoked to share the roasted coffee with coffee loving folk everywhere.

Alicia says "We're always ready to offer advice on how to get the most out of those delicious coffee beans, whatever your preferred brewing method"

Coffee hand roasted by the sea!

“Your coffee is fantastic! One very happy customer”

Connor (V60)

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